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If our ecosystem is healthy, our humans will be healthy.

I ola oe, i ola makou nei (if you live, we live) is the reminder that our lives are inextricably connected. It is the recognition that for a vibrant life, we certainly need healthy human connection and relationships, and at a very primary level: we are completely dependent on the vitality of our natural resources. Without the sun to catalyze life, without native forests to capture rain and participate in the fresh water cycle, we would not be.


We begin our efforts to meaningfully integrate with the precious Makena ecosystem and itʻs people by focusing on the areas we impact most. We are grateful to host events like the following to elevate important community organizations and direct resources their way. 


Noenoe Nights

Collaboration with Ala Kukui

Like the ‘ohā growing from the older kalo root and stalk, women in Maui’s community continue to provide regenerative space for tender offshoots to bloom and flower. We invited nomination of a wahine in your life who has received you like ‘ohana, extending a nourishing space of life-giving aloha like the light misty Noenoe rain of Hana and the Nāulu of Mākena.

“We believe that we are reflections of our environment, so it is only natural that we get our creative inspiration from our surroundings. We find meaning and joy in sharing that inspiration with other wahine and are excited to be able to widen our reach with those who reflect this sentiment in their own families and communities,” said Kau’i Kanaka’ole, Executive Director of Ala Kukui


Collaboration with Maui Artist Wailani Artates benefitting Hale Makua, Hospice Maui, and Hui no ke Ola Pono

Recognizing the great nurturer Haumea, or “Earth Mother”, the event celebrates those who serve Maui in a Haumea capacity, specifically organizations like Hale Makua, Hospice Maui and Hui no ke Ola Pono. In Hawaiʻi, Haumea is recognized as the soft earth elements necessary for the cycle of growth, the space that nurtures the whole life process. Mākena Golf & Beach Club’s March 4 event looks to nurture the nurturers and celebrates those who serve our Maui Community in a Haumea capacity.

Makena Fam Dinner_allorgs_back.jpg


Benefitting Maui Food Bank, Maui Hub and Grow Some Good

Celebrating three wonderful organizations and their integral work towards Maui food liberation efforts, and, to contribute to the greater movement of how ‘ono — how truly satisfying it is to be nourished by food and drink that comes from this place.


Community Collaboration with Hawaiian Soul

Hawaiian Soul, a narrative short-film based on the true story of Hawaiian hero, musician, and activist, George Jarrett Helm, Jr., was created by the next generation of Hawaiian filmmakers, ʻĀina Paikai and Kaliko Maʻiʻi. This is a tribute to the legacy of a leader and artist who used his voice to inspire a revolution of consciousness. This short film chronicles Helm’s actions to gain the support of Maui kūpuna (community elders) to aid in the fight of protecting the precious neighboring island of Kahoʻolawe from military bombing.



Relief Efforts and Gratitude Events

In the wake of the tragic fires, we are humbled to have joined the outpouring of aloha for Lahaina and Kula. Like many Maui businesses, we mobilized immediately to prepare care packages and donations to Maui Food Bank, Hawaii Community Foundation, Maui Rapid Response, Maui United Way, Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement, and Maui Humane Society. Our Culinary team prepared and donated more than 10,000 meals in the weeks that followed. And, we're honored to have hosted first responders for a day of golf, clay shooting, and more to thank them for their tireless efforts. 


Collaboration with
Hui o Waa Kaulua

Free ocean safety and stewardship activities for Mauiʻs youth. Exposing keiki to traditional voyaging and conservation practices that continue to stand the test of time is a wonderful way for the next generation to remain anchored in the skills of Hawai‘i’s ancestors while navigating the waters of present time.

Makena Farm Dinner_3.jpg


Benefitting Maui Health Foundation

An annual celebration of the heart! A Valentineʻs dinner supporting Maui Health Foundation - a not-for-profit organization that operates Maui Memorial Medical Center and Outpatient Clinic, Kula Hospital, Kula Clinic, and Lanai Community Hospital. 


Benefitting the Boys & Girls Club of Maui

An annual pickleball tournament benefitting the Boys & Girls Club of Maui. A wonderful event supporting Mauiʻs keiki to reach their full potential to become productive, responsible, and caring citizens.

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