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Process: Developments


Protection of natural, coastal and cultural resources is among our highest priorities. Mākena has worked to create a project that not only satisfies county and state regulations but in most cases exceeds those requirements through a robust community engagement process and a willingness to incorporate additional resource protection measures based upon current environmental and cultural studies by place-based experts.



The design process for Kāʻeo started in the 2014 and has continued to evolve based on studies by place-based subject matter experts and, place-based stewards and thoughtful input from the Maui community. Below is a timeline of the project's evolution.


Marked the creation of the Makena Community Advisory Group and Makena Cultural Focus Group. The Mākena team held numerous meetings with each group to ensure we were gathering input from those who are nearest to the project and those who know the cycles and natural systems of Makena best. The groups are comprised of members of the Maui community who have been stewards of Maui and Makena for decades. Feedback from these meetings showed a need for a cultural center that will tell the story of Makena by the people of Makena as well as a public gathering space for all who live in Makena.


Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the area previously referred to as the Makena Resort M-5/M-6/S-7/B-2 is submitted to the Maui Planning Commission.


Maui Planning Commission Meetings were held for public comments regarding the Draft EA. Feedback from this meeting encouraged a change in design to address community concerns to preserve and enhance views from Makena Alanui Road. Mākena also held a site inspection with the Maui Planning Commission and the greater Maui community during this time. The site inspection included a site walk along Makena Alanui Road. Testimony from community in attendance also provided further input in design changes including an enhanced plan to deal with potential runoff.


The project receives a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) with the acceptance of its Final EA by the Maui Planning Commission. In preparation for project's Special Management Area (SMA) hearings with the Maui Planning Commission, intervention by concerned citizen groups prompts continued dialogue and paves the way for additional archaeological review and further changes to the project design to address environmental and archaeological survey concerns. The project receives its SMA approval by unanimous vote by the Maui Planning Commission.


Grading permits are submitted to both the Development Services Administration and State Historic Preservations Division (SHPD)


Steady and diligent archaeological field work by Aina Archaeology continues with SHPD approval of the Kaeo North Phase1 Supplemental Archaeological Inventory Survey (SAIS) at the end of the year


Additional archaeological review and efforts to preserve greater areas prompts a return to the Planning Commission to amend the previous SMA permit to further preserve archaeological spaces and reduce density of the project.


Construction set to begin on the northern portion of the Kāʻeo development, with dust fence going up in the northern region of the project on May 9.

Process: Schedule


Over the past 8 years the Mākena Beach & Golf Club has been dedicated to working with various stakeholders and community interest groups. Below are some of the numerous groups and individuals the Mākena team has been engaged with over the years:

  • Makena Cultural Focus Group

  • Makena Community Advisory Group

  • Hoʻoponopono O Makena

  • Maui Tomorrow Foundation

  • Sierra Club of Maui 

  • Maui Nui Marine Resource Council

  • Surfrider Foundation

  • Coral Reef Alliance

  • Makena Homeowners Association

  • Wailea Community Association

  • Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association

  • Hawaii Island Land Trust

  • Hui Alanui O Makena

  • Kihei Community Association

  • Former and Current Council Members

  • State Historic Preservation Division

  • Dept. of Parks & Recreation

  • Dept. of Public Works

  • Kayak Tour Operators

  • Wailea/Makena Community Patrol Officers

  • Aha Moku Representatives

  • Oneloa Coalition 

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