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Guided by Place-Based Expertise

For a successful future we are learning from the past. Mākena Golf & Beach Club, with the expert direction from ʻĀina Archaeology, has done an extensive archaeological review of the Kāʻeo project area.

Archaeology: Developments


We respect a continued cultural connection to this place through a process that (1) engages the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD) as the regulatory agency, (2) engages a Cultural Focus Group who are place-based stewards and experts who continue to care for ʻāina in Mākena, and (3) provides for input by those concerned with these issues.


This project area has undergone extensive archaeological review guided by ʻĀina Archaeology.  An archaeological inventory survey was approved for the project by the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD) in 2015.  Since that time, extensive engagement with community included walking the land with various stakeholders like lineal and cultural descendants, Office of Hawaiian Affairs and concerned citizens resulting in agreement with archaeologists upon additional study.  Since the initial AIS approval, further work via a supplemental AIS (SAIS) occurred and the SAIS was approved by the SHPD in 2020.  In addition, a Preservation Plan (PP) and an Archaeological Monitoring Plan (AMP) were approved by the SHPD to further protect archaeological and cultural resources on the property.  In accordance with the AMP, during earthmoving activities, archaeological monitors will be onsite to advise equipment operators if additional archaeological or cultural properties are found.



In an effort to steward archaeological sites today and in the future, the landowner is collaborating with ʻĀina Archaeology to host the Kipaipai program. Emerging from an initial collaboration between Makena and ʻĀina Archaeology to host the Hoʻopai Archaeological Field Technician Training program, Kīpaipai is the next step in expanding and supporting care of archaeological sites and connection with the people of this place. Kīpaipai is a mentor-ship program designed  to empower and support descendants with lineal and genealogical ties to Honuaʻula to tell the stories and to care for the preserved archaeological sites from Palauea to ʻĀhihi and from ʻUlupalakua to Kahoʻolawe. Mākena has also established an ʻŌiwi Resources department designed to expand cultural programing and land stewardship at the club and surrounding areas.

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