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Low Density: Developments
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With continued dialogue with community and significant archaeological review, the resulting Mākena community density is significantly lower than allowed by zoning. 


The density of the project has changed since its initial submittal to the Maui Planning Commission. The original SMA approved plan was a 158-unit mixed-use community. The resulting project has only 103 residential units planned, which results in an average of 2.18 units/acre. This is average density is well below the 12.2 units/acre allowed under existing zoning and the current average density of 8.3 units/acres in the Wailea-Mākena region.



Based on community feedback including a site visit with the Planning Commission with story poles and view studies for added clarity, a low profile, low-density approach was used for site planning and building placement. In addition to preserving current views, the site plan will also establish new view corridors from Mākena Alanui Road to the ocean.

In addition, no height variances have been requested. All structures will be within county limits. 

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