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Each year, we have the great honor of hosting the MIL Championship golf event. We also get to annually support affordable housing in perpetuity, land conservation and resource stewardship in perpetuity, health care and research, and our neighbor Keawalaʻi Church. Hosting these community golf events is just one way we are able to support and direct resources towards community well-being.

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Nā Hale o Maui Executive Director Cassandra Abdul shares: “Mākena Golf and Beach Club and Discovery Land gave Na Hale O Maui Community Land Trust an unexpected and generous gift: a charity golf tournament in 2017. The incredible hospitality and aloha spirit shown by the Makena team made the event unforgettable. Since then, this annual charity golf tournament has become a beloved tradition. Many participants have returned year after year, even during the scaled-back events of the COVID-19 pandemic. The funds raised have been crucial in supporting Nā Hale O Maui's mission to provide affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families in Maui County.


The donations received from the charity golf tournaments helped build 12 new homes in the Kahoma Residential subdivision in Lahaina. While the wildfires tragically claimed 14 of 15 homes, we are grateful all our families survived, and we are committed to helping them rebuild. We are also excited to announce a recent donation of 7 finished house lots in the Fairway subdivision in Maui Lani, where we will soon begin new construction.

We are deeply thankful for the continued support from Mākena Golf and Beach Club. These charity golf tournaments have not only raised critically funds, and awareness about the importance of financial readiness for homeownership. Together, we are making the dream of affordable housing a reality for many Maui families."


Funds raised through the golf tournament hosted by Mākena Golf and Beach Club supports the Hawai'i Land Trust (HILT)'s efforts to permanently protect, steward, and connect community to over 22,500 acres across Hawaiʻi, including coastlines, native forest, cultural landscapes, and lands that grow healthy food for Hawaiʻi's people," says HILT President & CEO ʻOlu Campbell. 





For the native forest and birds! Celebrating the incredibly important work of those tending to our mauka forest family like Uhiwai, Auwahi and Ulupalakua Ranch. These special initial water capture spaces create cooler habitats for our native manu (birds). Plus, it is an important time to send an extra pulse of aloha out to our native seabird and forest birds.


Uhiwai shared that "funds from the two events hosted by Mākena were primarily utilized to increase our capacity for seed collection and propagation. We were able to supplement the numbers of native seedlings being planted in the forest and diversify species collected to affect greater ecological benefit -- such as more plants that provide sources of nectar and pollen for native birds, bats, and invertebrates." Additionally, "funds were applied to staff training, supplies for new greenhouses and for planting at seed farms, new technologies for tracking planting efforts and overall restoration effort in the field. We also were able to expand our outreach and education program, jump-starting new programs with schools and allowing us to have a presence at community events."


Meanwhile, our Maui Forestbird friends noted that "funds raised through the Mākena Community Golf event go towards supporting native forest bird conservation efforts on Maui. These efforts include habitat restoration, invasive species control, and ʻalalā reintroduction efforts."


Traveling down to the shoreline, our Maui Nui Sea Bird feathered friends shared that "the funds we raised through the charity golf tournament at Makena have been essential in supporting paid internships for Hawaiʻi graduates looking to work in conservation in Hawaiʻi. They have allowed our staff to participate in conferences and workshops, increasing our capacity for environmental stewardship. Fundraising is critical for purchasing new and updated gear, keeping us safe in the field!" 


Keawalaʻi and the kūpuna (ancestors) who have gathered in the comfort of its space, and continue to remain in peaceful repose, is our neighbor. It is our honor to support Keawalaʻiʻs Outreach Fund through this annual golf event. Keawalaʻi shares, "These funds go towards helping those in need here on Maui. There are so many different struggles that our community faces at different times. Sometimes it's a single mother who has entered a sober living program and wants to better her life for her children. Sometimes it's an elderly couple who is at risk of having their utilities turned off because an unexpected expense was outside of their very fixed income. Sometimes it's a family who is facing eviction because of job loss or a medical condition and they just need a little help to get to the next month while waiting for the first paycheck to come from a new job. There are many, many requests and there is great need here. With your support, prayers and monetary donations we ARE making a difference and most importantly restoring faith and hope for these individuals who are incredibly grateful."

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This annual golf tournament supports the V Foundation's singular mission: To achieve victory over cancer. 

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