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Hale Pili

A Hālau Waʻa at Makena

One of the absolutely awesome aspects of Honuaʻula moku is that Molokini, Kahoʻolawe and their oceans are part of the district. Waʻa (canoes) become one of the vehicles that allow communication and relationship across the channel.


This hālau waʻa re-affirms our interconnection to Molokini, Kanaloa Kahoʻolawe, and their shoreline and marine resources.

Celebrating Makenaʻs
Fishing Families

This area is famous for its fishing families. We celebrate the continuum of their relationship to these lands and oceans through building a hālau waʻa, a long house for canoes.


There was a particular house and Uncle in Makena where the fishing families of Makena would learn fishing practices and observe the environment. This Hālau Waʻa continues that relationship in place, a house where we can gather as community to learn all the different aspects of what our ʻŌiwi Resources & Stewardship team is doing in Makena today - whether it be reforestation, traditional hale building, care of natural and cultural resources, all the basics of ʻāina (land/ocean) stewardship.

The Dream, Hale Pili

Hālau are also places of learning and instruction. This hale will be a place that supports, makes long, extends place-based knowledge. Aptly named Hale Pili, a house supporting close relationships and belonging, this hale will be a new long house to learn, relearn, build, and rebuild aloha with Makena.

Kūkulu Hale

A space to perpetuate aloha for the Makena ecosystem


Sounds of aloha in Makena
Nurturing the next Kanaka Scientists

From all that moves through the Lono-sphere to Kani-ka-wi and Kani-ka-wa, to Kupinai, Kuwawa and Kuhailimoe, our chants tell us that our kūpuna were acoustic masters, observing & relating to the movement of vibrations through gases, liquids and solids in their environment. 

We tap into this form of aloha with a little lesson on physics, ethnobotany, and marine science with our budding kanaka scientists. Take a moment to enjoy here the resonance, the echo, the reverberation of aloha in Makena ...

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